ATLANTIS ( is a Center for Research and Geostrategic Studies, attached to its political and intellectual independence, centered on the understanding and analysis of the new problems impacting our modern world and whose headquarters are established in Casablanca, Morocco. It also carries out the activities of the Africa Security Forum, which gives it a wider access and audience than that of insider circles.

The mission of the Center is to actively participate, through teams of academics, researchers and specialists known and recognized for their expertise, in the publication of analysis and information documents and/or the development of proposals for action, with a view to participating in the debate on social, economic and geo-strategic issues and through the security filter, our field of excellence.

Themes of the 2023 edition

  • Energy transition
  • Food sovereignty
  • Economic development


To support and develop our debates, we have called on recognized experts, mainly from the Ministries concerned on the Continent or specialists in these issues, key officials from Regional and/or Sub-Regional Organizations on the Continent and representatives of International Organizations in charge of these themes.