Atlantis is a Center for Research and Geostrategic Studies, attached to its political and intellectual independence, centered on the understanding and analysis of the new problems impacting our modern world and whose headquarters are established in Casablanca, Morocco.

Given the international situation, the changes underway and the new forms of threats, instabilities and uncertainties facing many states in our sphere of interest, we want to be able to participate actively in the reflection and development of proposals on this new situation and its social, security, economic and geo-strategic impacts, mainly in the national and regional context.

Implement and produce periodically actions or reference documents on the themes selected by the Strategic Committee,

To participate actively in national, regional or international meetings that contribute to the pooling of ideas or proposals on the themes set by the Strategic Committee,

Organize or participate in the organization of meetings, symposiums and seminars at national, regional or international level,

To maintain or create a privileged relationship with the major centers of reflection and analysis that share our research axes, in order to maintain an independent international capacity for analysis and synthesis.

Driss Benomar
Président – Founder